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Remo & Great Guns! #WorthLiving #AttemptLife #CrossedWires

A smart Graffiti Sound Board I created for World Suicide Prevention Day - Sep 10 2015 -In this #worthliving video, see how Great Guns is rewiring their thinking for a better, brighter, and colorful outcome. 

Now, it’s your turn to tell us how you will #attemptlife in support of suicide prevention. Help make the world more colorful. 

The ask is simple: share your short video using the hashtag #worthliving or #attemptlife across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. It’s completely acceptable for you to not succeed or mess up—it’s part of the charm! Then, tag others and encourage them to share similar attempts! That’s it. 

Because life is #worthliving: #attemptlife

Suicide Prevention Day with Great Guns! Sep 10 #WorthLiving #AttemptLife #CrossedWires

A Smart Graffiti, sound board and video I created for Suicide Prevention Day with Great Guns!

Sep 10 - 2015

 #WorthLiving #AttemptLife #CrossedWires

Monday, October 13, 2014

Remos Revamps Ogilvy Japan Office

Director Remo Camerota creates a musical masterpiece to inspire workers at Ogilvy & Mather Japan. 

Ogilvy & Mather Japan recently underwent an office upgrade and invited director Remo Camerota to create a huge piece of artwork for the wall. The idea was to create an inspiring environment for the agency’s staff to work in.
One of Ogilvy’s key words for employees is “intuition”, so Camerota was asked to create something on this theme. His artwork, titled Leave It Behind, involves 12 original songs composed specially for the wall.
There is about two hours of music scattered over the surface of the wall, with the idea that you must use your intuition to play all 12 tracks (each part of the wall plays a different song when touched). The music was composed with the knowledge that it is an office environment and people would be hearing it while creating their own work.
Below, Camerota, who is represented by Great Guns, explains a bit more about the project.
Tell us a bit about your background in art…
I have been painting murals since I was in the first grade. I was always the class artist and my teachers would get me to paint the Last Supper or zoo animals. I knew then I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I used to draw everything I saw.
I picked up my first film camera when I was seven and never looked back. Some of my favourite photographs are from when I was a kid. I guided my education through various art colleges and have a BA in fine art and photography and another BA in film, TV and animation from Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia.
I have been painting, taking photographs, publishing books, creating graphic novels, building art apps for the iPad/iPhone, animating and directing films, TVCs and music videos ever since leaving art and film school in the mid-1990s.
Why did Ogilvy Japan ask you to get involved?
My EP Laura Gregory was in Tokyo earlier this year and told Ajab Samrai that Great Guns had just signed me. They talked about finding a project we could collaborate on with him and his team.  Soon after, I went in for a meeting with Ajab and showed him some work and we both really hit it off. Sometime later Ajab created this project for the Ogilvy offices. He wanted to revamp the office and create a space that was inspiring for the Ogilvy team to work in. So he took the seven sayings from Ogilvy and invited six artists to participate in making the office a creative place to be. When Ogilvy started, they came up with seven one-word sayings that describe great work in advertising and Ogilvy itself. The word that Ajab gave me was ‘intuition’, so that is what I had to work with.

What attracted you to the project?
After meeting Ajab I felt a real connection with what he was trying to do at the Tokyo office. He really wanted to create something special and that’s exactly what I want to do with my own work. Also, Ogilvy is a highly respected and awarded network with at least 131 lions from Cannes under its belt – I couldn't resist this opportunity.
Besides this, I was very keen to work in Tokyo again, which I know and love so well. I lived in Tokyo for six years working as a artist, photographer and director. I photographed two bestselling books, Graffiti Japan and Drainspotting, created several graphic novels with Japanese artists and directed a short film, music videos and several TVCs in the form of animation and live action.

How did the idea for Leave it Behind came about? 
To be completely honest, it was the first idea that came to me. How do ideas come about? For me when someone gives me a brief, or word in this case, something usually pops into my head immediately. I could see it straight away. Chopsticks holding a brain, suggesting to leave it behind or eat it, thus using your intuition to think.
But I wanted to take it further using sound as another element to make the environment inspiring. I had just acquired this new technology in the form of electric paint and a tiny Arduino computer that connects to the paint allowing one to play sound by touching it, so I started thinking of how I could incorporate this into the art piece.
Tell us a bit about how you created the artwork
Once I had the design down in illustrator and we got it approved, I then created huge stencils to paint the separate elements on the wall. The stencils were about two metres by three metres each in some cases. They were really large and hard to handle. I prepared this in Los Angeles before going to Tokyo. From here, I tested the sound elements on a small scale and noted that I could use this electric paint and then paint over it, thus hiding the sound sources.
I then decided to correlate the colour by numbers idea into play by numbers and began designing the sound to accompany the artwork. 

Tell us a bit about the musical aspect of the artwork
Having a musical background from being in a few bands and creating sound for video installations, I was familiar with the notion of creating artwork that speaks. But this was the first time that I could create something that sang without knowing where the sound was coming from or where to touch the image to trigger the sound. Basically I wanted the spectator to use their intuition to find the 12 sound tracks, by feeling around the image for the hot spots that would trigger the sound.
The creation of the sound also was done intuitively, keeping in the theme that was given to me. I wanted to make the soundtrack electronic, slow and contemplative. All 12 tracks were created from scratch and played live while I added instrument after instrument, intuitively, letting the machines evolve the sounds on their own. I am a collector of vintage synthesizers, so all of the music was composed on these. 
The 12 tracks add up to about two hours of music that can be played by touching the image in various places. The numbers on the image are a decoy, meaning to say that only a couple of numbers play a track. The numbers only correspond to how many tracks there are. So in essence I made a giant mp3 player – one that doesn't fit in your pocket and only has 12 tracks.

What did you enjoy most about working on this project?
When the work finally all comes together at the end it’s the most amazing feeling and probably the best part. We dubbed it “Smart Graffiti” at Ogilvy. Also the creation of each element really is too much fun.  But a lot of the work is preparation. That’s the hard part. The whole piece from start to finish including creating the image, sound and painting took about 14 days. Most of which is careful preparation. 
What do you think of the finished result?
It is exactly how I imagined it to be in my head the first moment I pictured it except for some slight difference in color. It was hard to get exactly what I wanted, but by pure persistence it came out the way it was meant to be. The colours are slightly bolder than the original illustrator image, but that was due to Tokyo not having a great choice of coloured graffiti spray paint. But, I like the bolder colors in this case.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Aardman has finally approved my designs for Gromit Unleashed in HK. The exhibition opens on July the 13th or 14th if You are in HK - Lets meet up.
These designs are going to be made into 5 foot Gromits and Exhibited in HK- on sale for auction to raise funds for the children's hospital HK. Last year in Bristol they raised 2.5 million pounds doing this!! Unfortunately, GRBOT didn't get selected because one of the Aardmans designed one that looked uncannily similar. What can I say, great minds think alike!

Dear friends , 

I need your help and your vote to win a competition with my work which will be used as an Ad, if I win. Please give me a 5 star vote and heart. I would really appreciate it. It needs to be done before Wednesday 2nd July.

1) you need to Create login to ( you can unregister after the 7th of July and its free) 
2) Go to this link: or go to  Elias Music a Library project
3) Scroll down to find Remo's video and watch them both. There are 2. 
4) Click the heart on the rating scale underneath to give it the highest rating and then give it 5 stars 
5) you must vote for them all to process the votes, so give everyone else 1 point 

6) the project is Elias Music a Library and you won't see the entries until you register or if u use a mobile phone.Use teh big red VOTE NOW button and the vote page will pop up. It needs to be done before Wednesday .


Thanks so much,


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DevoBots Is Here:

available on iTunes:

Everybody's dancing to DevoBots

DevoBots Is Here :

Monday, December 10, 2012


LoveBots: DevoBots T Shirt is chosen as todays best on Zazzle1

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DRAINSPOTTING: Drainspot of the week - Hong Kong

DRAINSPOTTING: Drainspot of the week - Hong Kong: British born, Australian artist, Remo Camerota and Hisako Camerota, photographer, from Japan are in Hong Kong this week for the 150th anniv...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Outlines San Francisco

Remo in San Francisco - I was invited to create my shark Outline project out front of White Wall Gallery San Francisco. They also have the same name as my studio, what a coincidence  :) Here is a short video of the event made by my friend, Spencer.

Outlines San Francisco

Me in San Francisco - I was invited to create my shark Outline project out front of White Wall Gallery San Francisco. They also have the same name as my studio, what a coincidence  :)

<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=ff0179" width="720" height="405" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I will be at Comic Con this Friday 13/07/2012 signing books and giving away prints. I will be at the Giant Robot booth - 1729 and 12pm. Come on down and say hello!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Remo Camerota Artist Wanted SELF show

Remo Camerota: Please Click "Collect Me" to help me win a gallery show in New York City and a grant : Self - A Creative Competition

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best of Photography 2011- Photographers Forum

DRAINSPOTTING: Best of Photography 2011- Photographers Forum: I am honored to have my photograph, Aftermath, of Kesennuma Station, Tohoku Japan disaster area 2011, published in this years Ph...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tokyo Girls Video Shoot

Tokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsRemo, Anamorphic, Gini  rig, micro FFTokyo Girls
Tokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo Girls
Tokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo Girls Shoot Montage

Tokyo Girls Video Shoot, a set on Flickr.

Tokyo Girls Music Video Shoot - Shinjuku


The Legendary GOLDIE has been added to my Polaroid Triptych Project! Awesome!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tokyo Girls Video Shoot

Tokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo Girls
Remo, Anamorphic, Gini  rig, micro FFTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo GirlsTokyo Girls
Tokyo GirlsTokyo Girls

Tokyo Girls Video Shoot, a set on Flickr.

Latest video shoot for the Band Psych Carni - Shot in Tokyo Dec 10th. See Flickr for more details