Monday, June 30, 2014

Aardman has finally approved my designs for Gromit Unleashed in HK. The exhibition opens on July the 13th or 14th if You are in HK - Lets meet up.
These designs are going to be made into 5 foot Gromits and Exhibited in HK- on sale for auction to raise funds for the children's hospital HK. Last year in Bristol they raised 2.5 million pounds doing this!! Unfortunately, GRBOT didn't get selected because one of the Aardmans designed one that looked uncannily similar. What can I say, great minds think alike!

Dear friends , 

I need your help and your vote to win a competition with my work which will be used as an Ad, if I win. Please give me a 5 star vote and heart. I would really appreciate it. It needs to be done before Wednesday 2nd July.

1) you need to Create login to ( you can unregister after the 7th of July and its free) 
2) Go to this link: or go to  Elias Music a Library project
3) Scroll down to find Remo's video and watch them both. There are 2. 
4) Click the heart on the rating scale underneath to give it the highest rating and then give it 5 stars 
5) you must vote for them all to process the votes, so give everyone else 1 point 

6) the project is Elias Music a Library and you won't see the entries until you register or if u use a mobile phone.Use teh big red VOTE NOW button and the vote page will pop up. It needs to be done before Wednesday .


Thanks so much,