Friday, July 23, 2010


See here for th efirst ever graffiti designer QR code. Sure Banksy put a sticker on one of his paintings in 2008n- but it was not a stencil code. Also Space invader has been doing mosaic designer QR codes - the first mosaic designer QR codes since 2007, but they are not painted either. SO here is the first ever stenciled - proper, in the street guerilla marketing QR code , for people to download to their phone and go to my website. It goes here :

                                               whitewall studios

Friday, July 16, 2010


Graphic Novel Created By Remo Camerota with company RAVEN

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Skinni Pants Launch : To Tag oR Not To Tag


Skinni Pants based in Tokyo is an attitude declared, full frontal means to realize and express. Recognizing the power of the GRAPHIC, we provide the opportunity to engage. From deep in the house, we present a template fresh and unique. This kinetic aesthetic is a customized technique where clothing and art unite to impress. Its easy. Skinni Pants catalogue of designs are print ready or create your own personal style. Its so simple. Pick out the gear, choose it or imagine it, we take it and press it. Smiles all round! 
I will be creating a user experience installation, combining art , graphics, graffiti and tagging, Entitled ToTag Or Not To Tag.
These are test stills from the installation that i will be doing at the Skinni Pants Launch party. Basically anyone will be able to come up and tag there name or whatever they want, on my Ipad or their Iphone using software called Grafanalysis - which will then go to the website 000000book,  then bounce back to my computer and get projected onto the wall - all live and direct. Come and see it for your self - To Tag or Not To Tag, that is the question.