Monday, October 31, 2011

Inside Out Project Tokyo at Tokyo Designers Week

The Inside Out Project Tokyo team spent the day yesterday setting up a 100 meter wall at the tent exhibition space for Tokyo Designers Week, Nov 2011. Inside Out Project Tokyo consisting of myself, Genevieve Tran, Maya Reyes, Patrick Newell and some of the photo subjects went down to TDW to set up the exhibit, to be displayed through the first week of November. The tent exhibition was conceived by myself and Florian Busch for TDW, Architect and designer of this years site, with the idea of using the existing negative space of the building to hang art on, instead of leaving it a blank area. Deciding that this was a great use of the space we proposed the Inside Out Project Tokyo in conjunction with Tedx to the Design Association of TDW, to hang the works from 2011 in this space. Photography works by myself (Remo Camerota), Maya Reyes and Genevieve Tran and video work by myself and Maya are on display now until Nov 5... If you are in town, check it out.

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  1. Would love to see one of your exhibitions sometime Remo.